Andalusia for newbies: did you know that...?

10-07-2013 17:00

“Oh, yeah...” Did you know that…


… the first "oh, yeah..."-moment was: the cycler I saw from the bus, swaying on the highway but with a helmet (?).  

… that was actually the second "oh, yeah..."-moment? 

… I didn't count the moment that I stepped into the 35 degrees "fresh air" while carrying my backpack, handluggage and my guitar? 

… that was thus 35 degrees in the shade? 

… I thought that was warm?

… at that time I didn't know that temperatures in Seville could reach 52 degrees and more in august? 

… I didn't believe that either?

… after experiencing 46 degrees in june, I do? 

… I also decided I won't be anywhere near Seville in august, no matter what? 

… I'd recommend everybody do the same?

… the airconditioning in the bus was adjusted to august temperatures yet?

… the perceptive temperature inside the bus was about the freezing point? 

… the one thing you hope is then that your bus stop will be in the shade? 

… your bus stop is always in full sun? 

… that does create another "oh, yeah..."-moment: catching breath and shade-hopping?



Home! Did you know that…


… the water in my new place was heated by electricity instead of big bottles of gas? 

… that doesn't mean that you don't have to turn the hot water "on" before you take a shower? 

… the first monday morning at 8am, that caused the next "oh, yeah..."-moment? 

… "it takes about half an hour" still means that it 'll take at least an hour? 

… that's not only true for heating water, but also for appointments with people you do or do not know and the service at whatever counter you find yourself?

... this time I didn't have to try my luck at so many counters as at the time I lived in Cádiz?

… if you judge the register in the supermarket on speed and efficiency, it's actually just some kind of counter too? 

… thanks to that, in the end I had plenty of time and opportunities to get used to the Spanish rythm of life? 

… the same use of "five minutes" for "at least a quarter" is a common habit? 

… Spanish people don't see that as a problem? 

… it doesn't take long for anyone to start using the same time indications as they do? 

… Dutch people do see that as a problem? :D

… it doesn't take long for anyone to start using the exact time again when you're back? 




Old habits. Did you know that…


… tostadas (toast) with tomate triturado (mashed tomato) en aceite (olive oil) is still my favorite breakfast?

… I specially reserved a sunday to go "favorite breakfasting" for the first time again? 

… it turned out then that they didn't do tostadas after twelve?

… I never heard something like that in Cádiz?

… I'm not even sure if I ever had breakfast before twelve when I was there? 

… on my next try the next sunday I was even more excited about finally having tostadas? 

… the man behind the bar asked me again if I said "tomato" when he saw my disappointed face when I looked at the tostada with slices of tomato that he put in front of me? 

… it took me about a month to find tomate triturado in Seville? 

… from that day on, I went out for breakfast almost every day? 

… I then decided to buy an amp to finance my breakfasts? 

… it worked, and that busking is still as much fun as it was? 

… this year I officially called the tree on my favorite playing square (Plaza San Franciso): "Nelly's tree"? 

… I forgot that I'd have to take my amp home too? 

… it just fit in my backpack, so I could take it with me by plane? 

… the Spanish lady from Ryanair didn't even think my bag was too heavy? 

… my amp arrived well in Holland? 

… I had to leave half of my clothes in the second-hand box in Sevilla? 

… that sounds worse than it is, because I don't really have that much clothes ;)? 



And also this: did you know that…


… I have a Teaching English certificate now and that it was a lot of work? 

… that's why I stayed for one more month to visit Cádiz, Granada and Seville?

… it was much fun to see everybody there again? 

… I want to thank my old and new friends for the great time I had? 

… I want to thank everybody here in and around Holland for their support, ideas and reactions on the project until now?

… I'll go to Ecuador on the 16th of august?

… then things will get started for real?

... I'll keep you informed about farewell parties and other important things? 


See you later!!