10-07-2013 22:42

This song may be a bit of a strange combination I guess between folk and something that sounds like South-American music (?? I don’t really know what it’s suppose to be, in my head in sounds a bit like Cuban music or something…). It’s about how people’s lives can be lit up by others, even when they sometimes find it hard to see or when they are for some reason afraid to believe that something good is happening to them.



Dame la luna en mi mano, quedate aqui        Give me the moon in my hand, stay here

Inciendame estrellas que nunca vi                Light up the stars that I’ve never seen before

Las chispitas de fuego para pintar                The sparkles of fire, use them to paint

Las luces del cielo bailando nel mar              the lights in the sky that reflect in the water

Tan distante, es dificil ver                            So far away, it’s hard to see

Tan distante,                                              So far away,

para ellos que estan dejando de creer            for those who cease to believe


Quentame sueños perdidos                            Tell me about forgotten dreams

muestrame el mundo y mundos mas            Show me the world and other worlds

inciendamelos con chispitas, chispitas           Light them up for me with sparkles, sparkles

Gracias                                                        Thank you


Dame el sol nel corazon,                             Give me the sun in my heart

dame la mañana                                         and the morning

sonriendo esperanza                                  smiling full of hope

colores profundos el aire respira                  The air breathes deep colors

en silencio pintando la vida                          that quitly paint life

Tan bonita, es dificil ver                               So beautiful, it’s hard to see

Tan bonita,                                                 So beautiful,

para ellos que estan dejando de creer         for those who cease to believe


Dame la luna en mi mano mi amor (es dificil ver)                             

Dame el sol nel corazon, mi corazon (es dificil ver)                           

Es dificil ver, se estas dejando de creer