Ecuador, here we come: the 16th of august!

11-07-2013 13:04

Yeyeyeyeeeeh, there's a date! On friday the 16th of august at 10 I leave from Amsterdam to Quito (Ecuador)!

As I said the planning will already be totally different from what I thought in the beginning: the project Minadores de Suenos in Quito turned out not to have a place for me in september and I did the TEFL course in Spain already instead of in Peru... Time for some serious twisting of my schedule, and call / mail / fax to the other options of my list. For now CENIT in Quito seems to be the best alternative ( as soon as I know more, you will too! 

In the meantime I also seriously updated the website here, with my stories from Spain, news, a complemented friends-who-helped-list (thanks everybody), a better organized blog and a working "Extra" page... Oh yeah, and the guestbook is also officially in use now! You could take that as an invitation ;).

Take a look around and for all questions, invitations, remarks or goodbye letters (:P), you can reach me by mail, facebook or phone until the 16th of august! I'll keep you informed!