What a wonderful world (EN)

29-10-2012 15:09

I usually go to the supermarket in siesta-time, when chances to get stuck in the longest queue possible (and slower-than-anything, Spanish way) are less. But sometimes things don't really work out the way you expect them to.

At the corner of my street a formula-1 racer has problems with his scooter: it won't start. Luckily I don't need to help him out (with my lack of technical skills...): there's a caveman who seems to know how to solve the problem.  
It's crowded in the streets today: I have to wait for a group of penguins that cross the street with their buggies, I explain to an agent where to find police-office, and I walk along with an alien who seems to be a bit lost. In the meantime I have to be careful not to stumble on little ducks and turtles ...   
After all I manage to get to the supermarket and before I go in I apologize to Ceasar because I can't light his cigarette. It's not too crowded inside, but still shopping isn't going fluently: a sheep takes it's time choosing and weighing vegetables and there's a row of eskimo's checking out what's in the freezer; they don't notice me waiting. A sumo wrestler blocks the way to the cookies, Cruella's little dogs are fighting over deserts and when I finally reach the cash desk, a robber can't find his bankcard. 
On my way back home, I'm a little surprised to see Gandhi walking hand in hand with Pippi Longstocking, but soon I need al my attention to prevent me from getting crushed in a group-of-cows-sees-another-group-of-cows hug. After walking behind a group of elderly in punk cothes for 10 minutes, I decide to choose a less crowded way. In the small darker streets of Cadiz I greet a flasher who walks with the Hulk towards the city centre. A skeletton pushes a hippo in a wheelchair and just before I get home I see Michael Jackson kissing a strawberry. 
This week, the rest of the world doesn't excist here: cowboys and indians play football together on the squares, lions walk arm in arm with baby birds, popstars buy their homeless friends a beer, a soldier shares his umbrella with a hippie and a polar bear warms up a hunter's hands in a porch... untill next sunday, when everybody starts acting "normal" again. A bit of a shame actually. 



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