The very first newsflash! (EN)

06-01-2013 16:34

Wow, the very first newsflash! :D

After months and months of lots of reading, thinking, changing plans, working to get the money together (!! :P), finally Project Imagine all the people is starting to get it's final shape. The website's almost ready, as is the project-plan; soon the foundation will be founded and now the blog has been realised too! Sooo... Now it's time to start sharing the project with the world! 

Very soon I'll buy my first ticket to Ecuador (I have to pick a date still :D) and get prepared seriously: insurances, medical stuff, money, documents, gear, contacts, ... and the many things that I've forgotten in the first place :)

Here I'll post a little message now and then, so you can see how things are going and which steps are taken...  

Thanks for your interest, and hopefully I'll see you around here at times!



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