Saint Nicholas mail in rhyme (of course) from... Quito (?)

04-12-2013 18:39

I suppose that you have heard

that I won't be around this year.

And I don't know if anybody

ever gets your presents here.


Still I'd like to ask you

(hope you don't mind that I do):

When you'll send your presents,

can you send one to me too?


The post office will rip you off

(per miligram the bill is payed)

and what I'm asking for this year

is something of a substant weight.


Still I hope you'll find a way;

if I could make a wish, it was

a package sent from Holland

with saludos from Saint Nicholas.


A big box full of happiness,

but not for me, is what I chose.

The biggest size that you can get,

and then, well... maybe four of those?


One is for the children here

to thank them for the joy it brings

to see how they can show us the great happiness

in little things.



One is for their parents,

and especially the ones we try

to help in our clinic

when their pressure or their sugar's high.



One is for my collegues,

for the sad and joyful times we've got.

Because it's really nice to be here,

while, well, sometimes it's just not.


The last one's for my parents,

and my brothers, and it's also for

my friends who I won't see from now

a year and yet a little more.



Tell them that I'm doing fine,

and I will be around here still

a little more, and if I find

the time to write them, that I will.


Give them all a giant hug,

and have a great fiësta there.

I don't know when I'll be back,

but for sure we´ll be in touch next year!