The website, a borrowed backpack and my first vaccinations!

01-02-2013 12:46

Yeah, the website works! A great birthday-present from Thijs! 

And my collection of travel-gear is getting a little bigger every time: I can use Koen's backpack (great!), his thermo-sleeping-bag and his multitool... My parents gave me decent travel-shoes and I have a new thief-proof mp3 player now, one of those little ones with only three buttons and a screen that isn't big enough to show the title and artist at the same time :D. Perfect! I expect my new phone to arrive soon too (no kidding: Nelly's gonna get a touch-screen! Hip, need some time to get used to the idea ;P), and together with all the other things that I've been collecting, it's starting to look like something!

I've also had my first few vaccinations yet last week: Yellow fever, Hepatitis A and Rabies (I), I'll have to go back twice this month to get four more. That's actually less than I thought: I forgot I had my Hepatitis B vaccinations for my medical studies. :) Nice!

Now I'll have to check when I can get my drivers licence for car, I've had 14 lessons yet ... It's practical to be able to drive a car sometimes, instead of a motorcycle. And after 7 years it's about time to do it anyway ;). Working on it!

That was all for now, probably there'll be less time between my messages from now on: the last phase of my preparation has started! :D

Ciao! Nelly



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